About Us


Folyoterm, who took its first steps in 1991, in believing that it was a long journey, have become one of the pioneering and leading companies over last 26 years. Despite of immature and narrow size of the market at that time, our company succeeded to grow by taking necessary steps in line with the demands of its clients and continued primarily plastic sheet or roll production till 2001. In sharp contrast to rapid growth of the sector, supply and demand balance could not be established in those years. Thus, we decided to enter thermo forming sector as of 2001 by indentifying huge gap in the market and made investment on new machinery,molds and desing of the products which in turn enabled us to become leading domestic and international player in a very short time. We also keep contributing national economy through employment and foreign currency income by making investments and developing new products. In 2009, we enlarged our market share and penatration by establishing a partnership with Osman Kartal. Through his partnership, we moved to production plant of 15.000 square meters providing better hygienic conditions which resulted an increase at our production capacity and quality. By taking bold and sure steps our company has strengthened its ground in the field of packaging. Constant investments on machinery enabled us to produce more than 600 products which made possible by our hard working professional crew and reached customers in over 50 countries around the globe. Our unique customer service policy and cutting across all boundaries, we strive to continue confidently our journey in the packaging sector.

Rolls and packaging production services of Folyoterm is done in the frame of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. ISO 9001 Quality and IQ Net Certificates are confirmed by AFNOR CERTIFICATION in the scope of “Production, Marketing and Sales of PVC, PET, PP, PS Sheets” and “Design, Production, Marketing and Sales of Plastic Food Containers, Bowls, Trays and All Thermo form-Vacuum Shaping and Packaging Products.


Unconditional customer satisfaction and client centric approach.

Product variety

Developing solution based partnership with customers.

International Standard

Production and improvement of services under accepted international and national rules and regulations.


Ensuring Food Safety System by active involment of workers.

Food Safety

Offering products in line with related laws to ensure Food Safety System.

Working Environments

Creating safe and pollution free working atmosphere with constant training of employees.

Food Safety Policy

Aiming application of all out Food Safety Policy ( from raw material to final product) in line with customer expectations and not jeopardizing related health and hygiene standards.

Vision & Mission

To be a primary domestic and international producer and supplier of single use plastic Food containers.

Production of new goods with the sole aim of making life easier which is already intense by responding current and future needs of modern world.

• Products responding to current and further needs and making the life easier.
• Staying up to date by strictly following sectoral devolopments with the awareness created by the accumulation of knowledge and experience.
• Creating family like enviroment, having high team spirit thus being able to act swiftly.
• Targeting the hygienic needs of food packaging on every new investment we make.
• Shaping future with today’s challanges in the light and guideness of past experiences.
• Ensuring low cost, sufficient and rapid production procedures thus generating high quality products that are hygienic and consistent with technological developments in the sector.
• Contribution to national economy by creating employment and foreign currency input.
• Caring for society and be aware of our social responsibility towards sustainable enviroment.